woensdag 2 maart 2011

The Medieval Cottage

This is my latest creation, the Medieval House. It's a cute, small, cozy and medieval-looking house. It's built on a 10x15 lot.

When you enter the house, you directly walk into the livingroom. There's a cute fireplace where you can sit and read a book from the bookcase. Extremely cozy.
When you walk to the right, there's a diningtable and a kitchen. That's all there is on the first floor.
When heading upstairs, you enter the RED and cozy hall. There's a sofa to relax. There is only one bedroom and a bathroom. And that's it.

The price of the house unfurnished is 17.796 and 29.071 furnished. I used both Ambitions and World Adventures (I believe.. xd), so your game requires both of them.
There's no CC to worry about.

I hope you like it and please comment, would be great!

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: 29.071

Click here to download!

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  1. pretty cool! i've always wanted to try sims, but never had the chance. you must be an expert by now! nice job on the lots!