woensdag 2 maart 2011

The Forest House

My latest creation: The Forest House. It's a wooden and stone house which fits perfectly in de woods. It doesn't have the normal layout like livingroom downstairs and bedrooms upstairs, but it's just the other way around. :P
So, you need to use the stairs to enter the house. On the second floor is a livingroom, a kitchen, a diningroom and a little hangout. When you go downstairs, you'll find a hallway, three bedrooms and a bathroom.
Outside is a little spot where you can sit down and relax, and there's a second, little building. This is the fourth and last bedroom, but you can make a recreationroom out of it too.

The house is build on a 20x15 lot and the price furnished is 66.743 and unfurnished 45.239. The house contains EA-stuff, but also some CC. You will need both Ambitions and World Adventures EP's.

Almost all windows are created by Funny and can be found on the second page of the Build Mode index. The windows aren't included.

Hope you will like the house and please comment!

Lot Size: 20x15
Lot Price: 66.743

Additional Credits:

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