zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

The Whole Glee Cast Posters

So, I made some posters from all the Glee characters!
I was searching on the web, but didn't find anyone who made those, so I thought I could be the first!
Hope you like them, and please comment.

Artie, Kurt, Will, Quinn and Rachel

Finn, Puck, Sue, Tina and Mercedes

You can download the file HERE

zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

The Arc House

Hi! Here is my third upload, The Arc House!
So I made a nice arc in the front of the house and next to the house is a garage. You can live in this house with a quite big family.
Downstairs is a HUGE livingroom, a separate diningroom and a kitchen. There's also a bathroom and a little room where a stereo fits in. Upstairs are three bedrooms, a libraby/recreationroom, another bathroom and a hallway. Finally, outside is enough space to build a pool, pond or anything you like.

Oh, before I forget, this house is furnished with EA-stuff, but you need the EP World Adventures and Ambitions! So, there are no CC's to worry about. ;)
The lotsize is 40x30. The price furnished is 64.350 and unfurnished 41.756.

Hope you enjoy it!

You can download it HERE (mediafire)

maandag 23 augustus 2010

Modern Box House

So, here's my second upload. I'm uploading it at ModTheSims too, but gotta wait before they approve it! Okay, so this house is a lot bigger then my first upload. You can live in it with a big family. It has a huge livingroom on the first floor, a kitchen, a bathroom and a library. You can easily turn this into something else if you want to. On the second floor are FOUR bedrooms, so enough space for all your kids. ;D There's another bathroom and finally, on the third floor is a little library, with telescope. It looks cute.
Outside is a place to hang out, with a grill. There's also a little place to fish.

The price of the house is 87.724 furnished, and 54.342 unfurnished. It's furnished again with EA-stuff only, except for the windows in the front of the house. Those are from: and created by Funny.
The lotsize is 30x20.

Hope you like it and look forward to another upload!

You can download it HERE

woensdag 18 augustus 2010

Modern Glass House

So, this is my first house I've made on Sims 3. It's a modern, small house with a lot of big windows. It's for a small family. It has two bedrooms upstairs, a bathroom and a 'hallway'. You can decorate it any way you want to. =D
Downstairs is another bathroom, but it could be made into a recreationroom or something else.. There's a kitchen and a big livingroom. Outside is a pool, but you can also make something else if you want to.
It's furnished with only EA-stuff, so it's all in your game.
Hope you like it! ;D

The price furnished: 71,866
Unfurnished: 56,674

                                                  DOWNLOAD IT HERE (MEDIAFIRE)