woensdag 2 maart 2011

The Summer House

So here it is, my latest upload: The Summer House.
A nice, summerlooking house with a built-in garage. The house has two floors. On the first floor you can find a livingroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and finally the garage.
On the second floor are three bedrooms, a hallway, a bathroom and a balcony.
Outside you can find a huge pool, a sitting area and a cute little garden.

The house is built on a 20x20 lot, the price furnished is 61.155 and 37.367 unfurnished. You will need both Ambitions and World Adventures to run it in your game. There is no CC to worry about.

Hope you like it and please comment!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 61.155

Click here to download!

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